A Handbook for Your Sure Success in Interviews

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Remove interview fears. Get the job you want. Win virtually any job interview you get, without stumbling, stammering or being stumped by offbeat job interview questions. This book is a booster for all who are getting ready for any type of competitive exams and await job interviews. Unbelievably simple and yet filled with lots of practical tips to crack job interviews. A must for all young people waiting to succeed in their career. This book is also a must for all trainers who coach students to appear for their job interviews.


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Salient features of the book, A Handbook for Your Sure Success in Interviews:

  • Full of practical tips
  • Removes fear from your mind
  • Lots of illustrations to help you master this skill
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Tricky Situations explained
  • Body language tips
  • Communication tips
  • Resume writing guidelines
  • All necessary skills and how to acquire them easily
  • Campus interviews


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